Saint Andrew and Saint John

The great Sienese artist Martino di Bartolomeo painted tempera panels and frescoes and manuscripts alike. At the beginning of his career he travelled to various Italian cities, such as Florence and Pisa, in the footsteps of his teacher Taddeo di Bartolo. There he gained fame and amassed considerable wealth. As such, he attracted large commissions from civic and clerical institutions alike when he returned to Siena in the 1410s. The present panels depict Saint John the Evangelist and Saint Andrew, both carrying a book. Two other panels, now in a private collection and representing Saint Bartholomew and Saint James, show remarkable similarities with our Saints Andrew and John. The four panels were without a doubt once part of the same altarpiece.

Gallery Martino di Bartolomeo
(active 1393-1434)
Saint Andrew and Saint John
Tempera and gold leaf on panel
Saint Andrew: 58.2 by 27.6 cm.
Saint John: 58 by 27.8 cm.