The Young Christ Blessing

This unique bronze of The Young Christ Blessing is a new addition to the famed body of work produced by the Mannerist sculptors of Florence. More specifically, the elegant standing youth compares closely to the bronzes of Carlo di Cesare del Palagio, who studied in Giambologna’s workshop in Florence but settled in Germany in 1569 to serve a succession of German courts, including that of the Fugger family in Augsburg, the Bavarian court in Munich and the Saxon court in Dresden. The restrained pose, flattened drapery, striking eyes, and almost painterly execution of the hair are particularly close to the group of gilt angels from the Fugger altar in the Victoria and Albert Museum, which Palagio cast. The extraordinary standard of finishing of the surface and the facture of the bronze also point to Palagio’s authorship. Analysis of the alloy has demonstrated that Palagio is likely to have made the present bronze during his sojourn in Dresden, where a number of bronzes of nigh identical facture by Palagio remain in situ.
Bronze - sculptor PalagioCarlo di Cesare del Palagio
The Young Christ Blessing
Bronze, olive patina
Figure: 17.3 cm. high Sold to the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, Geneva