The Washing of the Feet

This small, intriguing panel depicts the Washing of the Feet. Christ is kneeling at the front of the scene, surrounded by his apostles. He is talking to Peter, while Judas is depicted in the background to the right with an eerie expression on his face. The use of colour indicates a Dalmatian artist, as does the vertical grain of the panel. The painting resembles the style of the Altarpiece of the Virgin Mary by Meneghello di Giovanni de’Canali which resides in the National Gallery in London. In both cases the painter has used fresh and vibrant colours and accentuated the aureoles and garments with a single black line. The style of the figures and the background show similarities as well. Nevertheless, some differences in style can be noticed as well and further research is needed.

Gallery Meneghello di Giovanni de’Canali(?)
Venice or Dalmatia, circa 1400
The Washing of the Feet
Tempera and gold leaf on panel
26.9 by 22.6 cm.