Virgin and Child with Crucifixion

This intriguing panel, the central part of a triptych, represents the Virgin and Child. Dressed in a bright red robe covered by a dark blue cloak which is richly ornamented with gold, the Virgin is holding her Son with her left hand. She has a rattle in her other hand towards which the Christ Child is reaching. He is clothed in a sheer white fabric, a blood coral necklace graces his neck. The coral refers to his Crucifixion, which is indeed painted in the pinnacle above. The panel shows remarkable similarities with another Virgin and Child that appeared at Sotheby’s London on 30 June 1965 (lot 110) and was with a Turinese dealer in 1988 and is attributed to an anonymous Dalmatian artist from the fifteenth century. In both panels the decoration of the Virgin’s cloak is identical and Christ wears the same blood coral necklace. In addition, the Virgin’s veil and the sheer cloth that is held in front of Christ are painted in the same manner.

Gallery Dalmatia, 14th century
Virgin and Child with Crucifixion
Tempera and gold leaf on panel
43,7 by 18.5 cm.