Virgin and Child

This panel with the Virgin and Child presents itself as a rare and intriguing artistic fusion between the ancient Byzantine tradition and the innovations of later Italian Trecento art. The Virgin is looking at the viewer and holds the Christ Child on her left arm while gently touching his leg with her index finger. The Divine Child, with piercing eyes turns frontally to the beholder. In his left hand He holds a scroll with pseudo-Kufic letters, while with his other hand He grasps the hem of his precious mantle. Undoubtedly the unknown creator of this Madonna must have been trained in a non-Italian workshop, deeply rooted in the Byzantine tradition. Later on in his career he became acquainted with the painters active in the Emilia and Veneto around 1350-1375.

Gallery Veneto-Adriatic, ca.1370-1375
Virgin and Child
Tempera and gold leaf on panel
51.5 by 38.5 cm.